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These are just some of the brands we offer – from sporty to professional, trendy to classic, infants to big men’s styles, we carry a frame that’s perfect for you.  Our certified opticians will ensure that your frame fits you precisely and works for your prescription needs.



In addition to designer sunglasses from Gucci, Carrera, Dior, John Varvatos, Pucci, Nautica, Juicy Couture, Kate Spade and more, we also carry sunwear from Maui Jim, Oakley, RayBan and Zeal. If you need a prescription pair of sunglasses, we’ll help you get the right lenses for your favorite activity.



There are so many options for lenses. Our trained staff will help you narrow down the choices to what’s best for your eyes, whether it’s impact resistance or ultra thin, in any of the different lens types.

  • Single vision lenses make one area of focus clear – distance or near.
  • Bifocal lenses are traditional lined lenses for two areas of focus – near and far.
  • Trifocal lenses are traditional lined lenses for three areas of focus – near, intermediate and far.
  • AllVueTM Progressive lenses have crisp, clear vision at all distances with an easy, natural transition from distance to near with no visible lines. Customized for your prescription, AllVue lenses are the best option for today’s visual demands.

Better Vision:

There’s more to consider than just your prescription when it comes to your vision.

  • LasARxTM nonglare lenses provide the clearest vision so you see crisper, more detailed images. They do this by reducing the glare and reflections that causes eyestrain and fatigue.
  • TransitionsTM lenses will darken automatically when you are out in the sunshine. Find out more at
  • Digitally Designed Lenses are custom made for you and how you wear your glasses. We take precise computerized measurements to give you the clearest, widest field of vision in your single vision or progressive lenses.
  • Polarized lenses have a special filter that blocks reflected light. This means safer, less tiring driving in sunny weather. Great for all purpose sunglasses, especially if you’re near water.


We work closely with most major vision insurances to make the most of your benefits. These are just a few of the plans we accept; please call 1.800.968.2600 with any questions.


We work hard to ensure that everyone can afford quality eyecare. We offer complete pairs of glasses starting at $79, as well as a special kid’s package that includes discounts on frames and our two year warranty.

We bill most insurance plans for you so you can minimize your out of pocket expenses. Prescription glasses and sunglasses are considered an eligible expense for your flex account.


It’s crucial that your lenses are made to your doctor’s exact specifications that’s why we’ve invested in a state of the art lab, right here in Grand Rapids. With full digital capabilities, our lab ensures your new glasses are made to exacting standards by experienced technicians.

Proper Care

Your custom eyewear will last longer with proper care. Use both hands to put on and remove your glasses to keep them in adjustment and store them in a case to protect against damage whenever you’re not wearing them. Keep your glasses away from extreme heat, which can warp your frame or lenses.

With your new glasses from Grand Rapids Ophthalmology, you’ll receive a sample of our eyeglass cleaner, and a microfiber cloth, which wicks away dirt and oils from your lenses.

Clean your lenses with products made for them and avoid household cleaners, abrasives, paper products and exposure to harsh chemicals. If your lenses have visible particles on them, rinse under warm water before cleaning.

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