Laser Vision Technology



During the Laser Vision Correction Evaluation a series of diagnostic tests are performed including the WaveScan. This information is converted to a WaveFront guided map of the eye, our surgeons are then able to use to personalize treatment. On the day of the procedure, topical numbing drops are placed into the surgical eye(s). The surgeon then uses the IntraLase iFS Laser in LASIK treatments to create a thin corneal flap with a gentle laser beam to prepare for the corrective treatment. The patient’s WaveScan WaveFront guided mapping diagnostics can be used in combination with the VISX Star S4 Excimer Laser and transferred directly for a CustomVue treatment. The VISX Star S4 then gently reshapes the cornea with a cool beam laser, removing microscopic amounts of tissue (less than the thickness of a human hair) to create a new curvature. The VISX Star S4 laser typically takes several seconds per eye and the majority of individuals feel no discomfort. Many patients will notice immediate results after surgery and vision continues to improve over several days.

Laser Vision Correction



WaveFront Mapping

Using WaveScan® based digital technology, originally developed for use in high-powered telescopes to reduce distortions when viewing objects in space, doctors can now identify, measure, and correct imperfections in an individual’s eyes 25 times more precisely than with standard methods used for glasses and contact lenses. The WaveScan’s WaveFront guided map is as unique as fingerprints, diagnosing even the slightest imperfections for treatment. This information can then be transferred to the excimer laser, providing a new level of precision and accuracy with the WaveFront guided mapping called CustomVue.


Personalized LASIK Treatment

After the introduction of WaveFront mapping technology, CustomVue™ Individualized Laser Vision Correction was developed by VISX, providing for detection of higher order aberrations that in the past would have gone undetected and untreated. With CustomVue, a new standard in laser vision correction was established, providing a precise level of measurement and correction never before possible.Halos and glare associated with nighttime driving and the quality of vision after surgery has been greatly improved with this wavefront guided treatment.


Flap Creation

This computer controlled laser uses tiny pulses (30,000 per second) of infrared light to gently pass through the outer portion of the cornea to create a uniform layer of microscopic bubbles just beneath the corneal surface of the eye. The IntraLase laser takes about 15 seconds per eye to create the flap without heating or damaging surrounding tissue. Your surgeon is then able to easily lift the flap completing the first step of the LASIK process.


Reshaping the Cornea

The VISX Star S4™ is an excimer laser that uses a cool beam to reshape the underlying corneal tissue to the desired curvature. There is little discomfort after the procedure since a thin protective layer of cornea is left intact. The flap is then easily repositioned allowing for a tight seal while the eye heals. Healing begins immediately after surgery.

Technology Advantages

  • VISX laser systems produce the smoothest surface on the cornea after the procedure. Smoother ablations, promote faster healing and result in better vision.
  • VISX laser systems allow the doctor to track your eye movement in all three dimensions during the treatment for precise control of laser pulses.
  • VISX laser systems achieve an optical zone that may result in reduced problems with night vision.
  • VISX ActiveTrak® laser systems produce seven variable sized beams, giving the doctor greater flexibility and allowing for a faster, smoother treatment with precise corneal shaping.
  • VISX ActiveTrak tracks eye movements and automatic centering during treatments in three dimensions.
  • VISX laser systems require a shorter procedure time, which enhances comfort and may reduce the risk of postoperative complications.
  • VISX pioneered the development of excimer laser systems and remains the industry leader in quality and innovation.
  • VISX is the system that doctors have trusted for millions of procedures.

These features are not the only reasons why VISX laser systems are superior to others. Their exclusive focus on laser vision correction technology, combined with a history of excellence in design and rigorous FDA approvals, result in a clinical experience and knowledge that is unmatched in the industry.


One year after the CustomVue procedure, patients in a clinical study reported these great results with glasses and contact lenses:
100% could pass a driving test
98% could see 20/20 or better
70% could see better than 20/20
In the clinical study, four times as many people were very satisfied with their night vision after the procedure and compared to their night vision with glasses or contact lenses before.

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