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Individualized Laser Vision Correction

Chances are, several of your friends or family members are experiencing the joys of living without glasses and contact lenses as a result of laser vision correction. You’ve heard the excitement in their voice, noticed the boost in their confidence levels, and watched the quality of their lives improve with new-found freedoms. Millions of Americans are enjoying these life-enhancing benefits and million more, just like you, are exploring the procedure that could free them from the worries of glasses and contact lenses.

VISX Star S4 Smoothscan Laser with ActiveTrak®

The VISX Star S4 Smoothscan Laser with ActiveTrak® is the most advanced laser system available in vision correction surgery. VISX pioneered the development of excimer laser systems and remains the industry leader in quality and innovation. Their ActiveTrak® system not only provides the best in safety, accuracy and comfort, but it is the system that doctors have trusted in over 2 million procedures. Their rigorous Research and Development practices continually improve technology and processes, resulting in meaningful clinical applications – and better vision.