Laser Vision Financing

LASIK: What to Consider

Choosing Your LASIK Provider

Selecting a LASIK provider can be a difficult choice. Your vision and eye health is important, so we encourage you to ask lots of questions and become informed. Below are a few items to consider as you evaluate a LASIK doctor and the surgical facility.


How long has the doctor been performing LASIK? What are some of the complications they have experienced and how did they handle the situations? How will your surgeon be involved in your care before and after surgery?

Grand Rapids Ophthalmology has a team of expert surgeons, who have performed thousands of laser procedures. Their years of experience and dedication with helping patients see their best ensures that you will receive the greatest quality of care – before, during and after your procedure. Our team approach allows you access to our team of doctors at any time. Read the bios of Drs. Scott Weber, David Barrett, Thomas Cowden and Marcus Muallem here.


It may be hard to believe, but some doctors still use a blade (microkeratome) for their LASIK procedures. These surgeons are often not comfortable operating new technology or they are trying to save money. This blade technology is outdated and comes with higher risk of possible complications such as globe penetration, buttonhole flaps and incomplete cuts. Ask what type of equipment will be used and what type of facility their LASIK procedures are performed in.

Grand Rapids Ophthalmology performs Custom Blade-Free LASIK using our IntraLase laser. This laser technology means a blade will never touch our patients’ eyes and minimizes risk of complications. We utilize a comprehensive suite of coordinated technology to map your eyes (WaveFront digital mapping) to perform the procedure, resulting in treatment personalized specifically for you. Learn more about our technology system. Our surgeons are the only ones in greater Grand Rapids to perform laser vision correction in an AAAHC Certified Surgical Center with our laser trained registered nurses assisting in your treatment.


We understand cost may be a factor, but when it comes to your eyes, lower costs may leave you with a poor vision result. Advertised discount LASIK is more driven by the sale than the patient’s safety and care.

Some doctors use this “bait and switch” advertising technique to get patients in the door with low prices, only to close the sale at a much higher price. It is extremely important to look for “hidden” fees often found in the fine print. Ask if discounted prices are all inclusive or are limited by items considered “extras or add-ons” such as:

  • Price based on prescription, more per diopter, astigmatism, (about 90% of patients need astigmatism correction) and hyperopia
  • Pre-procedure evaluation, exam and specific procedure decision (done by your surgeon?)
  • Current/Upgraded technology
    • Does it cost more for a blade-free procedure?
    • Is Wavefront guided LASIK included? (Wavefront technology helps to more accurately analyze your entire visual system, reducing aberrations that may affect the quality of your vision, especially at night.)
  • Post-operative visits with your surgeon
  • Refinement policy and restrictions

At Grand Rapids Ophthalmology, our LASIK fees are all inclusive, beginning with your initial evaluation with your surgeon, to the procedure, and following your post-operative care the first year. We offer financing options with $0 down and 0% interest for up to 24 months to make eye surgery affordable with convenient monthly payments.

Bottom line: If you needed brain surgery, would you shop around for the lowest price or find the most qualified brain surgeon?


What access will you have with the surgeon to answer your questions and determine if you are a good candidate prior to surgery day? Is the surgeon local or travels hours strictly to perform a quantity of procedures on a given day? Would the surgeon be available to treat complications after your surgery day in office or would you be referred out?

Our surgeons at Grand Rapids Ophthalmology are available to you, not only on the day of your procedure, but 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. They are directly involved in your care before, during and after your procedure.

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