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Allergy Clinic

Ocular Allergy Clinic

Now Open at Grand Rapids Ophthalmology-7 Mile

Grand Rapids Ophthalmology (GRO) now offers testing to rule out allergies when differentiating between other conditions such as dry eyes and blepharitis 
(a common condition that causes inflammation of the eyelids), which can have similar symptoms. Allergies are your body’s natural response when you’re exposed to certain substances called allergens. Red, itchy, watery eyes are the distinctive signs and symptoms of eye allergies.

Ocular allergy testing is offered at the 7 Mile location in the mornings. This testing is typically covered by many major medical insurance plans.

The testing itself is a series of 60 “gentle scratch tests” on the inner arm that will evaluate for environmental allergies (not including food allergies). The results are read after 10 to 15 minutes. If you have allergies, swelling that looks and feels like a mosquito bite will occur where the allergen(s) to which you are allergic was introduced. These symptoms will gradually disappear over a period of 30 to 60 minutes. Typically, no treatment is necessary for this itchiness. A trained technician may apply topical anti-itch medication to the test sites to help with any discomfort. Occasionally, local swelling can occur at test sites up to three days after the skin tests are applied.

By properly diagnosing your allergies, your doctor can determine which treatment protocol may be beneficial for you.

The results of this testing allow us to determine the underlying cause of your eye allergies or irritations and to specifically treat your particular condition.

If you have allergy symptoms that affect your eyes, call 616.949.2600 or email today to schedule your ocular allergy test!