Your First Visit

Your First Visit

What to expect on your first visit

Please be aware that an initial or complete exam takes 1.5 – 2 hours. Both eyes are dilated for complete exams, laser vision and retinal evaluations. Dilation causes sensitivity to light and an inability to see things well at close range, like words on a page. For these reasons, some patients prefer to have someone drive them home.

Your eyes will remain dilated for about 3-4 hours and even longer after a laser evaluation because of the types of drops used.

Your exam will begin when our certified ophthalmic assistant or technician performs a history, checks your vision, glasses, intraocular pressure and visual fields. Based on the specific reason(s) for the exam, other tests may be performed.

The doctor will then see you to evaluate test results and examine the health of every part of your eye. The doctor will determine if there are any medical problems, a need for glasses, or change in prescription.

GRO doctors are dedicated to educating patients about their specific eye conditions. We want you to leave with a complete understanding of your eyes along with treatment options if necessary or desired.

To decrease the office time prior to your appointment, we recommend that you review our Welcome letter as well as Insurance Programs in which we participate.

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