When Michelle McKormick’s eyesight started to fade and she was seeing halos at night, she came to Grand Rapids Ophthalmology for a LASIK evaluation—Dr. Barrett diagnosed Michelle with cataracts.


A cataract is when the natural lens inside the eye becomes clouded, resulting in hazy or blurred vision. Cataracts may also result in double vision, trouble seeing well at night or in dim light, or seeing bright colors as faded or yellowish. More than three million cataract procedures are performed each year, making it the most common surgery performed in the United States.


Dr. Barret explained Michelle’s options. She was thrilled to learn about Advanced Technology Lens Implants, which optimize near and distance vision, and correct astigmatism. Advanced Technology Lens Implants reduce or eliminate your dependency on glasses or bifocals after surgery.


The team at Grand Rapids Ophthalmology scheduled two surgeries for Michelle—one date for her right eye and, two weeks later, one for her left. During both of her cataract surgeries, Dr. Barrett made a small incision and removed her eye’s cloudy lens, replacing it with an artificial Advanced Technology Lens Implant.


Today, Michelle is cataract-free and—in her own words—seeing “perfectly”. Michelle’s new Advanced Technology Lens Implants has enabled her to not only ditch her glasses…but her readers too! 


If you think you may have cataracts, now is the time to schedule a complete eye exam. If you are ready for surgery, the doctors at Grand Rapids Ophthalmology are happy to review the options and help you choose the best solution for your unique eyes.


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