Cataract Education Seminar

See the Way You Want to See! You Get to Choose!

Join our Grand Rapids Ophthalmology team for this interactive educational session to learn more about cataract surgery and the options now available to you. If you have been diagnosed with a cataract or are noticing a decline in your vision, our surgeons highly encourage you to attend one of these seminars prior to your appointment. Please ask a family member or a trusted advisor to join you.


Tuesdays 10:30-11:30 AM Eastern 

Thursdays 5:30-6:30 PM Eastern 

There is no limit on the number of attendees, and you can attend more than once!

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Key Topics:

  • Did you know you have a choice? You get to choose your vision.
  • What is a cataract?
  • Who develops cataracts?
  • How cataracts affect your daily life in ways you might not even have noticed.
  • How to determine if cataract surgery is right for you.
  • What lens options are available to discuss with your surgeon and why it is important you are aware of these options.
  • The process of cataract diagnosis, pre-operative testing, surgery day, and post operative visits.
  • Most importantly: What kind of vision YOU would like to enjoy after cataract surgery. You get to choose!
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How to Join: 

  • You will be able to use your desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone to log in. Zoom is an easy platform to use. 
  • Give yourself five or ten minutes prior to the meeting to log in.
  • If you have trouble logging into the virtual meeting, you can always call in on the number provided and listen.
  • Just click on the meeting link or join now button and follow the instructions prompting you. 
  • If it is your first meeting, you might not have the zoom application downloaded. You may be prompted to do so.
  • We encourage you to turn on your camera so we can see you, but this is not required.
  • Please mute your audio and you can unmute when you have a question, or you can send a question in the chat.
  • Our educators will stop periodically and ask if anyone has questions.

We want to make your cataract education and journey as easy as possible!

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