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Why Advanced Technology Lenses are Worth Considering Before Having Cataract Surgery

Do you have cataracts? The only way to remove a cataract and restore your clear vision is to undergo surgery. Before your procedure, though, there is a crucial decision for you to make. You will have a new lens implanted during cataract surgery (an intraocular lens), but not all lenses are the same. Advanced technology […]

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When Should You Think About Cataract Surgery?

Some individuals face daily challenges because of their cataracts, while others are unaware they have them. When symptoms are mild or nonexistent, it is possible to go a decade or longer without treating a cataract. What exactly is a cataract? Cataracts occur when the lens of the eye becomes clouded. The only way to effectively […]

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What is a Cataract?

Do you or someone you love have cataracts? They are a common condition that occurs most often because of aging. Cataracts are the leading cause of blindness, and you are more likely to develop cataracts after the age of 40. The good news is that if cataracts have started affecting your vision, there are treatment […]

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How Do You Treat Cataracts?

The natural lenses of our eyes harden with age. In some instances, they become cloudy, forming a thin milk-like film over the eyes. This eye condition is known as cataracts. Other times, cataracts may occur because of genetics, trauma, or a side effect to eye surgery. Keep reading to learn more about cataracts and how […]

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