5 Ways to Keep Your Eyes Protected as Part of Workplace Eye Wellness Month

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Your eyesight is vital, and damaging or losing it can significantly and negatively impact your life. That’s why you need to keep your eyes safe in the workplace.

Annually, over 700,000 people suffer an eye injury at work. Statistics from Occupational Health & Safety show that one in ten eye injuries will require one or more missed workdays. And 10 to 20 percent of all eye injuries in workplaces lead to temporary or permanent vision loss.

Figures like these emphasize the importance of taking all the necessary precautions to avoid eye injuries on the job. Both Prevent Blindness and the American Academy of Ophthalmology recognize March as Workplace Eye Wellness Month.

Having this observance in place provides both employees and their employers with information regarding eye injury prevention on the job. Our team at Grand Rapids Ophthalmology wants to stress the importance of maintaining eye safety in the workplace.

Accidents can happen without warning. Keep reading to learn how to keep your eyes protected as part of Workplace Eye Wellness Month.

1.    Face Shields and Helmets

Make sure to wear both face shields and helmets together with safety glasses. Helmets and face shields offer an extra layer of protection. They are suitable for welders, anyone working with chemicals, and lab workers.

2.    Goggles

Safety goggles provide the highest level of protection against chemical splashes and pathogens. They will protect the eye area in addition to being impact-resistant.

3.    Prescription and Non-Prescription Safety Eyewear

These look like regular glasses but have thicker and stronger lenses. They are both approved for use in various industries.

It’s advisable to confirm the safety eyewear has a Z87 mark on the frames to ensure they’re in line with the American National Standards Institute’s requirements. Safety glasses are made from Trivex, plastic, or polycarbonate.

If possible impacts and flying debris are potential dangers at work, polycarbonate glasses will offer the best protection.

4.    Computer Glasses

Sitting behind a desk in an office still exposes your eyes to some risks. Spending your working hours in front of a laptop, computer, or smart device can lead to eye strain, among other eye problems. You can wear computer glasses that help block glare and reduce digital eye strain.

5.    Regularly Visit Your Eye Doctor

To maintain optimal visual health, it’s always advisable to schedule routine visits with your ophthalmologist. Your eye doctor will provide comprehensive eye exams and check for any irregularities.

They can prescribe eyewear or medications to protect your eyes from further damage. If you experience eye pain, visual changes, or vision loss while at work, seek immediate medical attention.

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