6 Signs That LASIK Is Worth Considering

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LASIK has been performed on millions of patients. It may seem like the procedure is too good to be true, but LASIK is proven to be safe and effective for vision correction.

If you are tired of dealing with glasses, contacts, and blurry vision, it might be time to consider LASIK. You might be wary of LASIK due to personal anxieties, its cost, or worries about recovery, but the benefits of LASIK outweigh the concerns.

At Grand Rapids Ophthalmology, we offer our patients LASIK performed with CONTOURA® vision topography, tailoring the procedure to your eyes. Our team of doctors is fellowship-trained and has performed thousands of laser procedures. If you are interested in having LASIK, we can determine if you’re a good candidate and begin the process at your pace.

When to Start Considering LASIK

There is nothing wrong with wearing glasses or contact lenses. For some people, the desire for clear vision and freedom from glasses or contacts makes them wonder if there is something better.

Here are six signs that suggest you might be ready to consider LASIK.

1.    You Crave Freedom

Updating prescriptions and caring for glasses and contacts is an ongoing responsibility, and LASIK can take it off your plate. Getting this procedure means no more searching for your glasses in the morning, as well as no more cleaning and replacing your contact lenses.

2.    Your Lifestyle Calls for Good Sight

Glasses are impractical when participating in sports. Even simple activities like swimming become difficult when you have poor vision.

Glasses can get wet or lost, and swimming in contacts can be unsafe. Glasses and contacts can also get in the way of advancing your career. Those in the military or air force may seek out corrective surgery to pilot or serve without hindrances. LASIK provides the perfect solution: clear vision without boundaries.

3.    You Want to Save Money

LASIK might seem like a significant expense at first, but it pays off quickly. Many patients discover they are saving hundreds of dollars every year after they receive LASIK because they do not have to replace glasses or contacts again. It is important to remember that corrective eye surgery is an investment, not a purchase. Grand Rapids Ophthalmology also offers Laser Vision Financing to make your procedure more affordable.

4.    You Like to Travel

It is normal to forget things while packing, but if you’ve ever misplaced your glasses or contacts on a trip, you know how stressful it can be. Enjoying yourself on vacation is easier when you do not need glasses to admire the view.

5.    You Want to Feel More Confident

Contacts are popular among teenagers because they reduce feelings of self-consciousness. LASIK takes that concept a step further.

If you feel uncomfortable in glasses and hate the hassle of contacts, undergoing a refractive procedure like LASIK can boost your vision and confidence.

6.    You Want to Avoid Discomfort

Are you tired of dry eyes after wearing contact lenses all day? Contacts can leave your eyes feeling dry and itchy after a long day, and ill-fitting glasses can feel uncomfortable. By no longer needing to wear contact lenses, your eyes may also feel less fatigued after having LASIK. If you want clearer eyesight, no matter what season, LASIK gives you that opportunity.

Get a Professional Opinion

Before receiving LASIK, you will undergo a screening process during a LASIK consultation. This helps your ophthalmologist determine if you are a good candidate for LASIK.

It also gives us a chance to explain the process in detail. If you have questions or concerns about the procedure, the eye doctors at Grand Rapids Ophthalmology will help set you at ease.

To learn more about LASIK and find out if it is right for you, schedule a FREE LASIK consultation at Grand Rapids Ophthalmology today.

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