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LASIK technology is simply not the same at every center.

LASIK from 20 years ago is simply not the same. Equipment has improved, new technologies have developed, and new safety standards have been put in place. Our expert surgeons guide you in choosing the best option for your unique eyes.

After learning about these amazing strides in laser vision correction, make sure to choose the most advanced, precise, and safest treatment. This is what Grand Rapids Ophthalmology has invested in for you.

Next-Generation Excimer Laser Technology

At Grand Rapids Ophthalmology, we use the state-of-the-art Alcon Wavelight® EX500 Contoura technology for LASIK. This provides you a personalized and highly accurate procedure.

The Alcon Wavelight® EX500 Machine

What is Contoura Vision?

Contoura Vision is the latest LASIK diagnostic tool and laser technology from Alcon. This topography-guided LASIK treatment uses the Wavelight Topolyzer Vario and Wavelight® EX500 Excimer Laser. This allows your surgeon to give you the most precise surgery possible. The Contoura technology measures the unique contour of your cornea by mapping out each eye using 22,000 data points. The laser is then custom programmed to your individual measurements.

How is Contoura Vision Technology Personalized for Each Patient?

Traditional LASIK relies on using your glasses or contact lens prescription. When correcting your vision with LASIK, you want something more precise than these prescriptions. Glasses and contact lens prescriptions only measure refractive errors in increments of .25 diopters. Using the Topolyzer Vario, your surgeon can make a detailed topographical map of your eye. This technology uses light waves to scan your eye, allowing each part of your eye to be measured in the most significant detail. Every tiny hill and valley are shown on the map. This map allows your prescription to be measured in increments of .01 diopters, 25 times more accurate than your glasses or contact lenses. When it comes to seeing clearly after LASIK, these are the details that matter. The map that the Topolyzer generates programs the excimer laser, ensuring a high level of accuracy.

Why Contoura Vision?

Contoura Vision is one of the most advanced systems available for LASIK surgery. If you are looking for the best option, choose a customized LASIK Contoura Vision experience from Grand Rapids Ophthalmology. This will ensure that you get the most accuracy when diagnosing and correcting refractive errors. Our expert staff is dedicated to 100% patient satisfaction. If you’re considering whether LASIK could be right for you, contact us today for a free consultation.

With a focus on the most advanced technology, our exceptional team of LASIK surgeons, and our convenient locations, LASIK at Grand Rapids Ophthalmology is the obvious choice. Grand Rapids Ophthalmology is dedicated to delivering eye care you trust, for the ones you love.

Major Advancements in LASIK Technology

1995-2000 – The advent of the first excimer lasers used in conjunction with microkeratome. This was a blade driven system that required a mechanical blade to make the corneal flap.

  • PRK FDA approval occurred in 1995
  • LASIK FDA approval occurred in 1996

2000-2003 – Wavefront technology is approved in May of 2003. Using a wavefront device, your eye surgeon can measure your distinct cornea’s shape and texture, and then customize the laser to treat your unique eyes.

2003-2007 – The emergence of the femtosecond laser work and clinical trials were conducted during these years with eventual FDA approval coming in 2007. LASIK corneal flaps could now be made with a precision-guided laser instead of a blade. LASIK just got safer and more predictable.

2010 – The WaveLight® EX500 Excimer Laser system is launched integrating the excimer laser, wavefront technology, and femtosecond lasers into one system.

2015 – Alcon introduces Contoura Vision, the latest advancement in its WaveLight refractive portfolio. Contoura Vision is a unique topography-guided LASIK procedure because of the way it maps the eye to guide treatment. Traditional wavefront-guided LASIK can produce good results by measuring about 200 points of curvature on the cornea, Contoura Vision measures 22,000 points.

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