What Is a LASIK Consultation Like?

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Are you wondering if you are a good candidate for LASIK? Undergoing a laser vision correction procedure like LASIK can make a dramatic difference in your life.

Because LASIK is a surgical procedure, it may not be suitable for everyone. A thorough consultation is the only way to determine whether you qualify for LASIK. Keep reading to learn more about LASIK consultations.

The Purpose of a LASIK Consultation

For the best outcomes, LASIK is only performed on healthy eyes. Your eye doctor will perform a consultation to check for any existing conditions. They will look for dry eye syndrome, glaucoma, and cataracts, as well as injury or inflammation.

This consultation is not only meant to determine your candidacy. It will also help determine the best course of treatment for your unique needs, whether that is LASIK or another procedure.

Your eye doctor will take several different kinds of measurements to evaluate whether you are a good candidate for LASIK. It is also necessary to take detailed measurements of your eyes before the day of surgery.

Since ocular topography can vary slightly from patient to patient, not every LASIK procedure is the same. Laser eye surgery gently reshapes the surface of your eye. For this reason, your eye doctor needs specific information about the shape and thickness of your cornea.

They will also take measurements of your eye (such as length and width) and the pupil.  Identifying any unique imperfections is essential so they can best treat your eye.

What to Expect During a LASIK Consultation

A LASIK consultation is like having a highly comprehensive eye exam. Your eye doctor will closely inspect every part of the eye, from the lids to the tear film.

Just as with most exams, your pupils will be dilated using eye drops. Your eye doctor will run a series of diagnostic tests to examine and measure your eyes thoroughly. Rest assured, these tests are not invasive or painful. You may feel some slight pressure on your eyes, but it should not cause you pain in any way.

By now, you are already familiar with the process of determining your prescription for wearing eyeglasses. You will complete a similar process to determine the best way to correct your vision.

Your ophthalmologist will also ask several questions regarding your medical history. They will want to identify any medical conditions that could increase the risks associated with LASIK and potentially decrease the effectiveness of the procedure.

They will ask you about any existing eye conditions and your general health. Even conditions that do not have to do with your eyes can affect the success of LASIK, like autoimmune diseases.

More Than an Exam

Your LASIK consultation is not only about assessing your health and determining if you qualify for the procedure. The consultation is also a time for your eye doctor to educate you on your treatment options and explain the procedure’s details. The team is ready to answer questions or address any concerns you may have.

At Grand Rapids Ophthalmology, our team will review the LASIK process with you, from what to expect on the day of surgery to the nature of how recovery works. We will also explain the costs and available financing options.

At the end of the consultation, your eye doctor will have evaluated whether you qualify for LASIK and whether it is the best course of treatment. If you are not a good candidate for laser eye surgery, they will recommend another option that better suits your needs.

Ready to learn more about LASIK? Find out if it may be right for you.

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