Free yourself from the hassle of wearing glasses with contact lenses! Grand Rapids Ophthalmology doctors prescribe the latest and greatest in daily disposable lenses, which provide supreme convenience; simply put in a new pair each morning and toss them away at bedtime. Wearing a fresh pair each day is also the healthiest contact lens option for your eyes.

We offer all kinds of lenses, depending on your needs. These include:

  • Soft Contact Lenses (Daily Disposable, Conventional Daily Wear, and Extended Wear)
  • Hard Contact Lenses (Rigid Gas Permeable, or RGP lenses for short)
  • Scleral Lenses
  • Corneal Refractive Therapy (CRT) Lenses
  • Transitions™ Lenses

Why Should I Consider Contact Lenses?

Contacts allow you to see obstruction-free and give others a better view of your eyes. If you’ve ever wished your eyes were another color, we can make that happen with colored contacts.
Glasses can be particularly impractical for athletes because they get in the way, fall off, break, or fog up at the worst times. While we certainly do provide prescription sports goggles, swim goggles, and sunglasses, many prefer to wear contact lenses with non-prescription protective eyewear.

When Can My Child Consider Contacts?

The biggest factor is the responsibility of the child. Contact lenses are medical devices and if used incorrectly can cause problems. We encourage parents to discuss this with their child prior to considering contact lenses. Our doctors typically begin discussing contacts around age 12, though certain recreational activities or vision conditions may warrant earlier consideration.

How Do I know What Contact Lenses Are Right for Me?

It all starts with the exam. A contact lens exam is a bit more in depth than a standard eye exam. Our doctors will determine if you’re a good candidate for contacts first by asking some questions about your lifestyle, any medications you may be taking, any allergies you may have, and your previous contact lens experience. Then they will use special equipment to measure the curve of your cornea, the size and shape of your pupil, your eyelid tension, your ability to produce tears naturally, and your overall eye health. The doctor will use this thorough assessment, along with the type of correction you require, to select the right fit for you.

We Have Contacts For:

  • Distance Vision (Spherical Lenses)
  • Astigmatism (Toric Lenses)
  • Presbyopia (Multifocal Lenses)
  • Keratoconus, Pellucid Marginal Degeneration, and other Irregular Corneas (Specialty Lenses)

Contact lens technology is continually improving, and today’s contacts are better than ever before. If you tried contacts in the past without success, you may want to revisit this idea. Advances in materials have dramatically improved visual acuity and comfort. With your contact lens exam, we will teach you how to use your contact lenses, how to take care of them, and the potential consequences of improper care. We will provide you with free trial lenses – usually the same day – to ensure you are completely happy with the prescribed lenses.

When wearing contact lenses, it’s vital to follow up every year so that we can check the health of your eyes and make sure you’re still seeing clearly. Since most eye conditions don’t involve pain, it can be difficult for patients to determine if there is a problem. With yearly exams, we can keep your eyes healthy.

How do I Care for My Contact Lenses?

Daily disposable lenses are easy, since they are simply thrown out at the end of the day. If your doctor prescribes a reusable lens, our technicians will provide you the proper training and guide you to the appropriate solutions to use to care for them. Proper care and wearing habits are critical to success with contact lenses, and most wearers enjoy the convenience of contact lenses for many years. However, improper care or wear can do permanent damage to your eyes.

How Much Do Contact Lenses Cost?

We have quality options for every budget! Let us help you choose what will work best for your needs. Most contacts we sell have a substantial manufacturer’s rebate for purchasing a yearly supply upfront. These rebates can bring the cost down to less than a dollar a day – even for high-tech daily disposable lenses.

We also accept most major vision insurance plans, and we will help you get the most out of your vision benefits. You can use your flex spending dollars for eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses. If you are interested in flexible payment options such as six months interest-free, sign up for Care Credit and use it in our office. Learn more and sign up today here.

Can I Purchase My Contacts Online?

Yes, please visit our online store here for the convenience to re-order your contact lenses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Of course, other online options exist but there are many benefits of purchasing from us or through our online store. These include:

  • Convenience: We can ship directly to your home, or you can pick them up in our office.
  • Competitive Prices: Our lens pricing is similar to other online retailers, and often less expensive than the big box stores when factoring in manufacturer rebates (exclusive to independent eyecare providers like ourselves).
  • Insurance: If you have vision insurance benefits for contact lenses, we can apply those to your purchase.
  • Trust: You’re dealing with a licensed eyecare provider, so you can rest assured that the lenses you receive are genuine, have not been recalled, and have been stored properly.
  • Security: We guard your personal information tightly and will never sell it to anyone.
  • No Substitutions: We will only provide you what you were prescribed and not try to switch you to an inferior product.
  • Customer Service: We will always take care of you. If you have a problem or an emergency, we can help.
  • Local Support: You are supporting a business rooted here in the Grand Rapids community. We are your neighbors; our kids go to school with your kids, we shop in your stores, and we dine in your restaurants.

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Our Locations

Grand Rapids Ophthalmology is pleased to provide top-quality, comprehensive eye care to our patients in the Greater Grand Rapids area. We have 15 conveniently located eye care centers that utilize the latest and most advanced technologies across the entire spectrum of ophthalmology. If you are seeking information about one of our eye care locations please click into our locations page for more information. Hours are subject to change due to upcoming Holidays.

Construction Update: US-131 southbound is now closed between Burton and 28th Street. The ramp from US-131 northbound to I-96 westbound is also closed and will remain closed all summer. Please allow extra travel time and plan routes accordingly to arrive for your appointment on time.

East Beltline Map
East Beltline
Grand Rapids Ophthalmology
East Beltline Medical Center
750 East Beltline Ave NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49525
(Located on the Southeast corner of East Beltline and Bradford - enter from Bradford)
M, W, Th, F: 8am – 5pm
Late Night – T: 8am – 7pm
Sat: 8am – 11am
Phones answered Mon thru Fri 8am-5pm
Grandville Map
Grand Rapids Ophthalmology
Rivertown Office Center
4475 Wilson Ave SW
Grandville, MI 49418
(Located on the Northwest corner of 44th St/Rivertown Pkwy and Wilson - enter from Wilson)
Tu, W, F: 8am-5pm
Late Nights – M, Th: 8am-7pm
Phones answered Mon thru Fri 8am-5pm
Walker Map
Grand Rapids Ophthalmology (Located on the upper level)
3300 Walker View Dr
Walker, MI 49544
(Located North of Walker Avenue exit on I-96 – enter on the upper level)
M, T, Th, F: 8am-5pm
Late Night – W: 8am-7pm
Phones answered Mon thru Fri 8am-5pm
80 68th map
Grand Rapids Ophthalmology
Spectrum Health South Campus
80 68th St SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49548
(Located on Southeast corner of 68th St and Division)
M, W, Th, F: 8am-5pm
Late Night – Tu: 8am-6pm
Phones answered Mon thru Fri 8am-5pm
7 mile map
Grand Rapids Ophthalmology
Mercy Health Campus
6050 Northland Dr NE, Suite 100
Rockford, MI 49341
M, W, Th, F: 8am-5pm
Late Night – Tu: 8am-7pm
Phones answered Mon thru Fri 7am-5pm
Grand Rapids Ophthalmology
Mercy Health Campus
10047 Crossroads Ct SE
Caledonia, MI 49316
M, Tu, W, Th, F: 8am-5pm
Closed 12pm-1pm daily
Phones answered Mon thru Fri 8am-5pm
caledonia map
lakeshore map
East Grand Rapids
Lakeshore Eye
717 Bagley Ave SE
East Grand Rapids, MI 49506
M-Th: 8am-5pm
F: Closed (until December 1, 2023)
holland map
Grand Rapids Ophthalmology
Lakeshore Medical Campus
3235 N Wellness Dr, Suite 130
Holland, MI 49424
(Located ¼ mile East of US-31 on the left)
M, W, Th: 8am-5pm
F: 7:30am-3:30pm
Late Night – Tu: 8am-7pm
Phones answered Mon thru Thurs 8am-5pm & Fri 7:30am-3:30pm
ionia map
Grand Rapids Ophthalmology
537 W Main St
Ionia, MI 48846
M, W, Th, F: 8am-5pm
Late Night – Tu: 8am-7pm
Phones answered Mon thru Fri 8am-5pm
Greenville map
Grand Rapids Ophthalmology
705 S Greenville W Dr. #Suite 201
Greenville MI 48838
M: 7:30am-6pm
Tu, W: 7:30am-4:30pm
Th: 8am-5pm
F: 7:30am-4:30pm
511 Wilson Ave NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49534
M, W, Th, F: 8am-5pm
Late Night – T: 8am-7pm
Phones answered Mon thru Fri 8am – 5pm
Michigan optical map
GRO Surgical map
GRO Surgical Center
Grand Rapids Ophthalmology Surgical Care Center
750 East Beltline Ave NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49525
(Located on Southeast corner of East Beltline and Bradford – enter on the second floor)
M, TU, W, Th, F: 8am-5pm
Phones answered Mon thru Fri 8am-5pm
walker surgical map
Walker Surgical Center
Walker Surgical Center
3300 Walker View Dr
Walker, MI 49544
(Located North of Walker Avenue exit on I-96 – enter on the lower level)
M, Tu, W, Th, F: 6am-5pm
Phones answered Mon thru Fri 6am-5pm
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